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Cincelli's Family
Welcome you to
Garni Enrosadira

A Garni is an hotel that offers the bed and breakfast service.

The philosophy of the Garni is ideal for those on vacation seeking independence and autonomy without the constraint of catering.

It can be considered, by definition, the holiday of those who love tranquility, contact with nature and a a direct and friendly relationship with the host, the size of the structure favors relationships authentic, both with people and with the surrounding environment.

What is the difference between a Garni and a Bed & Breakfast?

The bed & breakfast is a family-run establishment, with a limited number of rooms ranging from region to region,

but usually less than four.

Unlike the Garni, the B&B generally does not offer the additional hotel-type services that can be provided find in a structure like ours.

Our Garni is the ideal starting point to discover the Dolomites of Val di Fassa, but not only...


It is a cozy, intimate place to start the morning after a good breakfast and return to the evening to rest,

after having explored the best of our Trentino.



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