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Wellness Center

Take some time for yourself...

Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, Emotional Showers, Whirlpool and Relaxation Area.

It is not necessary to follow a specific path, the important thing is not to hurry but to enjoy the moment.


Kids are not allow under 16 years old.

Afternoon opening, on request during summer

Finnish sauna:

A rite that has spread throughout the world from Northern Europe. In the sauna the heat can reach temperatures up to 100 ° C, but thanks to the low humidity (20-30%) it turns into a pleasant embrace that relaxes the muscles and favors the purification of the organism. The wood gives off the scent of nature, a primitive invitation to rediscover the serenity of the mind, freeing all tensions. The sauna has extraordinary relaxation and detoxification capacities and has positive influences on the mind and body. Nothing is more effective for relieving nervous tension and calming anxiety, because the sauna stimulates the natural rebalancing of psychophysical conditions. The skin is purified and sweat eliminates acids and toxins. The neurovegetative system is stimulated by improving the general metabolism. On the aesthetic level, the reduction of cellulite and greater elasticity of the tissues are the best that can be achieved by combining the sauna with a healthy diet. Equally obvious are the aesthetic benefits that derive from the deep cleansing of the epidermis which reveals a renewed purity and brightness. Once the sauna cycle is over, it is advisable to take a nice cold shower and relax on the deckchair.

Turkish bath:

Water is health, even when it takes the form of a cloud of vapor that envelops the body. The Greeks, the Romans and the Middle Eastern peoples who have made the Turkish bath a philosophy of life have discovered it in ancient times. Unlike the sauna, the humidity reaches 100% and the temperatures do not exceed 48 ° C. The steam bath, due to its invigorating and relaxing properties, is one of the best therapies to combat stress and the tension to which we are subjected daily; it is also a pleasant way to improve one's physical appearance and seek greater efficiency. The dilation of the pores caused by the heat facilitates the penetration of the steam and allows the epidermis to eliminate impurities, acquiring luminosity, elasticity and softness. Practicable for all ages, it is an excellent pressure regulator and an indispensable therapeutic and preventive tool for disorders to the respiratory tract.


Hot water and bubbles. The hydromassage consists in directing a powerful jet of water towards one or more parts of the body to be treated, the less toned ones. The thousands of drops that are shot on the skin, bring considerable benefits. The tank is equipped with vents that diffuse the air and form bubbles with a massaging effect. Increasing the power of course the massage will be more energetic.

Some of the many benefits of Jacuzzi:

- Improves sleep - Reduces stress and anxiety - Reduces pain and accelerates healing - Lowers blood sugars - Lowers blood pressure - Promotes healthier skin

Emotional showers:

The moment of the shower can become a poly sensorial journey into the heart of well-being thanks to the emotional shower and the possibility of associating it with the well-known benefits of a sauna and a Turkish bath. What should we expect from such a shower? The key element of this practice, particularly widespread in spas and spas, is naturally water, whose positive energy is sublimated by the presence of other factors. Aromas and colors combine to make the shower a regenerating practice against stress accumulated during the day. Chromotherapy and aromatherapy, in fact, when associated with the jet of water, help to wash away anxiety and stress, purifying the mind and the psyche. The main function of this practice, as the name suggests, will therefore be to "excite", thus giving away intense moments of physical well-being and a connected mental satisfaction. The skin that will benefit from it will also be softer and more elastic, thanks to the differentiated jets of water, visible consequence of a active micro-circulation.

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