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About Us

Cincelli's Family Welcome You..

The history of the Garni Enrosadira was born in 1995,

when Angelo, the owner, decided to leave his job in the activity of his parents, to start a new adventure with his family.


Initially the Garni had nine rooms with private bathroom, breakfast room and entrance.


Later in 2002 it continued with a small expansion, adding another ten rooms.


Six of these new rooms have been built in wood, thanks to the work of the local company Rasom Wood Technology, while the remaining four have been designed to provide additional comfort to our guests, providing them with a small kitchenette.


In 2008, given the growing demand, it was decided to exploit the basement, creating a small but functional wellness center.


Slowly, Angelo has been joined by his sons,

first and foremost by Lisanna, who has made a passion out of this work and by Nicolò,

a ski instructor in the winter and a mid-mountain guide in the summer, lends a hand in free moments.

Angelo's wife, on the other hand, Claudia, is a German elementary school teacher,

she is always ready to help with a very big smile on her mouth!

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