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King Laurin’s Rose Garden...

Etymologically, the word Enrosadira derives from Ladin, a language that is still widely spoken in Val di Fassa and in other parts of the Dolomites,

and literally means "to become pink".

Enrosadira therefore identifies the phenomenon of the reddening of the peaks of the Dolomites,

which at sunset pass from orange to red to violet to give space to the blue of the night.

Everything is connected to a magical dolomitic legend:


"The ancient popular legend tells that once the king of the dwarves, Laurino, had made a wonderful rose garden,

of which he was very proud, he realized.

He lacked only one thing: a wife.

He was very happy then, when he discovered that the king of the Adige was looking for a husband for his beautiful daughter Similde.


To decide who should marry his daughter, the King organized a tournament among the bravest knights, except for King Laurin.


The king, angry, decided to present himself anyway to the tournament,

but thanks to a magic cloak he made himself invisible.

As soon as the king of the dwarfs saw Similde, he fell madly in love with her and without further delay put her on his horse and left.


Shortly after the knights noticed the disappearance of the princess,

under the guidance of Prince Dietrich of Bern, his research began.

King Laurino was waiting for them in his rose garden sure of another stratagem: he wore, in fact, a magic belt, which made him as strong as twelve men.

Not even the magic belt, however, was enough to beat Dietrich of Bern and so the cunning dwarf still used once the magic cloak.


The movements of the roses, however, betrayed the dwarf king who was captured.


King Laurino felt betrayed by his rose garden and decreed that no one could ever enjoy his beauty, neither by day nor by night,

but he forgot about sunrise and sunset.

It is for this reason that in the light of dusk we see on the mountains of the Catinaccio,

the red of the roses of the King of the Dwarves,

to dye the mountains of the characteristic color in the phenomenon known by all with the name of Enrosadira ”.

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